How Using the Five “Love Languages” Will Make You More Successful at Work

Words of Affirmation:

Sharing words of encouragement, appreciation and empathy.


Using your body / body language to communicate appreciation.


Tangible items of appreciation given to a person you want to recognize.

Acts of Service:

Doing a favor for someone you appreciate by pitching in.

Quality Time:

Spending non-work hours bonding.

How do you know what your colleagues’ love languages are?

One way to get to know your team’s love languages is when someone onboards. Add questions to your new-hire onboarding questionnaire. Ask: How do you like to be appreciated at work? I did this for a recent client and the results were extremely interesting. Of nearly 30 new hires I surveyed:

How using love languages at work gets you promoted



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Jenna Z Hermans

Jenna Z Hermans


Working Mom of 4, Founder of Chaos to Calm Coaching, Co-Founder of Be Courageous. Life Purpose: Illuminating possibilities!